Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Religion; a belief in the supernatural power regarding a creator.It's Study has enable me to embrace varies cultures,and choice of religions.This course has open my eyes to other religions,and to be less prejudice towards their practices, Bedwardism other wise known as The Jamaica Native Baptist Free Church. Budwardism is a religious denomination of very distinguishing features.
The origin of the cause of Bedwardism is unknown.It is believed that it was founded by H.E.S. Woods also known as Shakespeare. An American who migrated to Jamaica W.I. in 1876 where he lived in a cave in the wilderness of Spanish Town. In 1888 he went to Augustown preaching and prophecing, there he established the religion in 1889. They believed in Trinity. The three persons in the God-head which is indivisible ,Father, Son, Holy Ghost,. There believes are that Judaism was succeeded by Christianity, and Christianity is succeeded by Bedwardism.
Fasting is considered a sacrifice and is frequently practice two to three times weekly, there is also a vow ceremony which is the first formal step from the world into the church.A common thread which links all religion is the quest for spiritual connection with the supernatural and Bedwardism is no different.

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